Easily Calculate BMI, body surface area and eGFR on Apple Watch

Body mass index (BMI) and estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) are widely used in medical practice.

Many smartphone applications already exist and allow to calculate those parameters automatically depending on patient’s height, weight, age, blood creatinin…

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New Guidelines for Treatment of Spontaneous ICH

Updated guidelines about spontaneous ICH management: antidote therapy for patients on anticoagulant treatment, blood pressure monitoring, surgical indications… via MedScape

Neurology and digital health

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Our EDSS app selected for presentation at the ECTRIMS congress!

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Scientists find first drug that appears to slow Alzheimer’s disease

via The Guardian.

Studying Anatomy Via Augmented Reality


When I was a medical student in 2009, I had to study anatomy in old books with the tiniest letters ever published. For a few hours every week, I could work on cadavers and learn anatomy in action. It was full of limitations and the smell of formaldehyde.


Microsoft’s Hololens device has the potentials to bring augmented reality to the masses. A partnership with Case Western Reserve University now keeps us thinking about the opportunities to improve medical education. Read more about it on Engadget.

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Discover our coma scales app!

We just released a brand new app dedicated to coma scales, including Glasgow coma score and Disability Rating Scale.

Included Apple Watch app allows a very fast and easy calculation of GCS!

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