Easily Calculate BMI, body surface area and eGFR on Apple Watch

Body mass index (BMI) and estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) are widely used in medical practice.

Many smartphone applications already exist and allow to calculate those parameters automatically depending on patient’s height, weight, age, blood creatinin…

We recently developed an app to get those tools directly on your wrist using Apple Watch! 

The main menu of our MedCalc App

For developing this kind of tools, the main issue was to develop a friendly, easy to use user interface that could allow a fast way to enter clinical parameters. That’s why we tried to use and improve the user interface created in our Apple Watch stroke app that has been positively reviewed by iMedicalApps.

App customization

The first step before using the app is to customize the user interface using the iPhone companion app.

phone2 phone1

The user will be able to configure height and weight units, as well as creating interface (units and UI buttons)

BMI and BSA calculator

watch2 watch2b watch3

For BMI and BSA calculation, the user will be asked to enter the patient’s height and weight to get the result. The user interface provides a quick and easy method for entering those two parameters as shown on the screen captures.

eGFR calculator

Once again, as shown below, the UI allows a quick entry of the necessary parameters in order to get an estimated GFR by MDRD and Cockroft method. The label of the shortcut buttons for creating value entry can be customized in the iPhone app!


Try by yourself!

Do you want to test the app? Just click on the link below and don’t hesitate to leave your comments!



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