Upcoming update of our stroke tools app: part 2

Last week, we revealed a first screenshot of our major upcoming update for our stroke app…

Better user interface

dash1iPhone_6_Vert_SpaceGray_sRGB_0914 (Copie en conflit de iMac de Mikael Cohen 2015-06-01)

The brand new dashboard allows an easier access to the tools included in the app. As shown on the screenshots above, the dashboard is also the screen where you’ll be able to find all the previously calculated scores either on your iPhone or on your Apple Watch.

New scores

We also introduced two new scores in the iPhone app, ABCD2 and CHA2DS2 VASc score.

ABCD2 score can be used to assess the 2 day stroke risk after TIA while CHA2DS2 VASc estimates the risk of stroke for patient with non valvular atrial fibrillation. Those scores were already present in the Apple Watch app and are now included in the main iPhone app.

abcd chads

Video preview

Find a short video preview of the app here!

Want to get the current version of the app?

Just go to the AppStore by clicking here!


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