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Calculate risk of stroke on Apple Watch

Read a review of our stroke app on iMedicalApps! via iMedicalApps.

New version of MedCalc for Apple Watch

We just released a new version of our Medical for Apple Watch application!

Version 2.2 introduces new scores and tools:

  • Ideal body weight calculation is now included with BMI and BSA
  • Corticosteroid equivalence calculator
  • CAGE questionnaire (screening of alcoholism)
  • Centor Score (probability of strep pharyngitis)

Medical for Apple Watch is a great tool for physicians and medical students. Previous versions already contained several tools including:

  • BMI, BSA calculation
  • eGFR
  • Cardiovascular scores:
    ABCD2, CHA2DS2 VASc, corrected QT, HEART Score, PE probability

It is fully optimized for Watch OS2!

The price ($0.99) remains unchanged! So don’t hesitate to take a look and try by yourself by clicking here



Discover the most powerful medical calculator available on Apple Watch

pubFB v2 Continue reading “Discover the most powerful medical calculator available on Apple Watch”

Upcoming update of our stroke tools app: part 2

Last week, we revealed a first screenshot of our major upcoming update for our stroke app… Continue reading “Upcoming update of our stroke tools app: part 2”

Major upcoming update for our stroke app!

We are preparing a major update for our stroke application for iOS and Apple Watch!

Here is a first screenshot of the brand new dashboard. More news to come soon!

iPhone_6_Vert_SpaceGray_sRGB_0914 (Copie en conflit de iMac de Mikael Cohen 2015-06-01)

You can get the current version of the app on the AppStore here!

New video preview of our EDSS app!

Enjoy a brand new video preview of our EDSS application for iPhone and iPad, that will be presented in a few weeks at ECTRIMS 2015 congress in Barcelona!

Click here to see the video on our Youtube channel!