Discover our medical applications for iOS devices

If you are interested in digital health and medical applications, you may be interested by our medical apps for iOS devices… Find out more in this article.

NIH score and Stroke tools ($0.99)

This app provides tools and scales for management of stroke patients. You can easily calculate NIHSS and get a checklist for selection of patients who can be treated with intravenous thrombolysis and endovascular treatment. It also includes a time manager, calculator for rt-PA dosing, ABCD2 and CHA2DS2 VASC scores.

The app includes an Apple Watch app!

A major update with a brand new UI and new features has just been released!.

Find out more here.

iPhone_6_Vert_SpaceGray_sRGB_0914 (Copie en conflit de iMac de Mikael Cohen 2015-06-01)EN1

Easy EDSS score ($0.99)

This app is dedicated to neurologist and provides an easy way to calculate EDSS score for MS patients. Instead of struggling with complex definitions for the functional system scores, the user only has to describe the findings of neurological exam to get an automatic calculation of the scores (cf. screenshots below that illustrate classical definition of the sensory function score and the automated method integrated in the app).

The app has been selected for poster presentation at the 2015 ECTRIMS congress in Barcelona!

Get more info here.

sensitif litesensitif

MedCalc for Apple Watch ($0.99)

This app requires an Apple Watch. It provides simple and frequently used medical scores. Current version is fully optimised with new WatchOS2 features. It includes a calculator for BMI, Body Surface Area, estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate as well as a brand new cardiovascular scores section. More tools will be added in future updates!

Get more info here.

pubFB v2

Coma Scales ($0.99)

This app is dedicated to neurologists and emergency physicians. It provides Glasgow coma scale and Disability Rating scale calculation on iPhone and iPad. It also provides a fast and easy Glasgow Coma Scale calc on Apple Watch!

Get more info here.


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