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Ocrelizumab first investigational medicine to show efficacy in people with primary progressive multiple sclerosis in large Phase III study

Very important result for progressive MS management.

For the first time, a drug revealed to be effective in preventing disability worsening in primary progressive MS in a large phase III trial.

Complete results are expected at the ECTRIMS congress in Barcelona next week.

via Roche 

Improvement of quality measures in multiple sclerosis

All clinicians believe they provide quality care, yet most clinicians do not directly measure quality parameters in their practice to provide verifiable health care outcomes.1 Quality measures related to a chronic disease provide reportable and repeatable measures that can either document performance of quality care or identify gaps in care for future action/improvement. Disease-specific quality measures in neurology provide a framework that can assist clinicians in practice measurement and modification; these have the potential to benefit both subspecialist and generalist alike. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a common, chronic, and ultimately disabling disease with multiple potential clinical intervention points during its course. It is therefore appropriate to have quality measures specific for this condition that span the course of the disease. via Neurology: Mobile Edition.

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